iPmart give free delivery iPhone 5C to Malaysia

For those who cannot wait, iPmart are giving you all free shipping to Malaysia with 1 Year of “iPmart Warranty”.  iPmart also sells iPhone 5c green, white, blue and pink colours, the price is RM2147.

price, iPhone 5c,

Yellow iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c has a 4-Inch retina display screen, runs iOS 7, 8-megapixel iSight camera and with chipset A6 Dual-Core with 1.3GHz speed and Battery capacity 1510mAh. iPhone 5c uses a plastic body (watch out for scratches, though) and its a little bit thicker and heavier than iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.



You don’t need to worry about the battery capacity, Apple A6 chipset are made for you to spend your day taking advantage of all the features and apps on your iPhone without worrying about the battery life.

As we all know that iOS 7 is desingned for beauty, cleaner, simpler icons. An interface that feels fluid and alive. iOS 7 designed to complement iPhone 5c. It also comes with many choice of colours, and we can see that they are a perfect companion beautiful when it comes together.

But there is a little issues on the scratched body. Because of  5c uses a plastic body there’s a slightly potential to get scratched, buy a case for your phone or in a month you will buy it because the body has scratched all over and need to cover it up, but that don’t stop this called low cost phone or budget to get the press attention as much as the iPhone 5s.
If you’re planning to buy this phone click here for iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s specs.

For iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5c comparison.

SOURCE: iPmart

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